ආයුබෝවන් දියසීරා!

ගංගා වැලි සහ සේදූ වැලි  

හලෝ කිව් සැනින් වැලි එක එතන...

වසර 21 ක විශ්වාසනීය සේවය.

මහව නගරයේ එකම නිත්‍යානුකුල වැලි ගබඩාව.

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Quality of the Sand

  • The grains are sharp, angular and coarse.
  • The sand is free from clay material and organic matter.
  • The grains are of durable minerals.
  • It is free from salts.
  • The gradation of grains size is such that it will give minimum voids.
  • It is clean and free from coatings of clay and silt.
  • It does not contain organic matter.
  • It is chemically.
  • Sand is loose particles of hard broken rock, it comprises of grains from the disintegrated rock.


Wholesale Retail High-Quality Sand

Welcome to Diyasira! High Quality river sand and washed sand retail & wholesale buying with free delivery for 10 km radius from Mahawa.

from Rs 7,500

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