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Recent statistics tell that fewer than half of Americans have more than $1,000 in savings to cover emergencies. When sudden expenses arise, the impact may be fatal. A single financial crisis can create ripples that spread through a family budget and can take years to recover from.

World Pawn Benefits

If you have never been to a pawn shop before the concept is quite simple. They make loans on items that you provide as collateral. You can either sell the item outright to them for cash or you can pawn the item which is a loan. They pawn is usually for 30 days but can be extended for much longer as long as you pay a fee.

1. Bring your car, clear title, and required documents to                 MoneyMax for your fast, easy cash.
2. Fill out an application while we appraise your vehicle.
3. We will determine the amount approved for by the value of your vehicle.
4. As soon as you are approved, we can have you money in 30 minutes or less and you can retain the use of your vehicle.
5. You have 30 days to pay off or renew your contract. When you pay off the balance of your account


Pawning jewelry for money is not typically an ideal situation since pawn shops offer high interest rates and price jewelry at a fraction of its true value. However, if you need a quick loan, pawning jewelry might be your only option. By taking the time to have your jewelry appraised, shopping around for the best loan deals, and getting your loan paid back on time, you can safely get the money you need and still get your jewelry back!


An emergency fund is very handy when unplanned and unexpected expenses arise. ... Emergency funds serve as a safety net where one can afford to pay for living necessities that cannot be obtained through current income sources. It is advisable to place emergency funds in a fairly liquid interest earning investment option.

Same day cash

Same day loans are small money amounts, lent until next paycheck to people who face emergency expenses and need money urgently. After filling in the application, the client receives lender’s decision on the same day in less than one hour. Though, the loan itself is credited to the bank account.

Fast approval

Apply now for a speedy answer. There are those times in life when express access to cash can come in handy- like for that purchase you just can't wait for or to score a great deal. ... With our rapid online approval process you can get your cash loan fast; then pay it back in sync with your pay cycle.

Competitive rates

What is 'Competitive Pricing' ... This pricing method is used more often by businesses selling similar products, since services can vary from business to business, while the attributes of a product remain similar.

Continue driving vehicle

For many, their vehicle is vital for getting them to and from work. By pawning their car, if they are unable to make the repayment they risk losing their car. This scheme could result in people being in a worse financial.


  • Figure out how much money you need to borrow. Pawn shops are in business to make money, so they will only offer you about 60% to 70% of the true value of your jewelry. Therefore, you don’t want to pawn more jewelry than you have to, especially if you’re unable to repay the loan.
  • Prioritize your pieces. Try to choose jewelry to pawn that you know you can live without. Pawning family heirloom jewelry might be something you regret later on, but an engagement ring from an old relationship might be easier to part with.
  • Get your jewelry appraised. Pawn shops are usually only interested in pure metals, like gold and silver, and diamonds. They often turn down gold-plated items, as well as costume jewelry. Take your jewelry to an appraiser or jeweler for a free assessment to find out what your jewelry contains and what it’s worth.

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If you get referred to a foodbank you’ll normally receive vouchers or a letter to exchange for food. Most foodbanks provide you with a few days’ worth of meals and sometimes you'll receive other household items like toiletries or cleaning products. Some also help with small top-ups of credit for gas or electric pre-payment meters. Foodbanks may also help you access other sources of help in your local area.

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