Bread and Pastry

Fresh from the Bakery

All cakes are made with care from fresh ingredients. Come and taste the freshness of
our newest cakes in a cozy corner.

For best taste, our cakes are baked to be used in day only, and discarded at the end of the day.

We only use natural and original ingredients for our products. No artificial colors or addictives included.

You can easily pick up your favorite taste from our various choice. Always updated for your leisure.


Fresh bread, cake and drink made everyday

“With friendly and private atmosphere, Malinga Bake House & Buffet is a place to meet friends, bump into old friends, or sit quietly and read newspapers. Known since 2016 for great breads, croissants, and traditional tea, coffee, Malinga Bake House is now expanding to other modern types of cakes and soft drinks. Malinga Bake House is also well-known for its great customer service and excellent delivery service. Have a cozy time at Malinga Bake House!“

The Malinga Bake House has come a big way since its first loaves of bread were baked way back in 1996. Now a second generation business, it has always maintained its tradition for quality while modernization of its infrastructure has gradually and carefully taken place. The Malinga Bake House thus continues the ritual of baking the crispiest of oven fresh bread but also offers a delectable selection of cakes, daraporanu breads, scrumptious pastries, delicious sweet meats and over one hundred other delicacies. These products are all prepared in a sterile and hygienic environment by trained bakery staff under strict supervision to ensure that all baked goods are fresh and of the finest quality. As in the past, The Malinga Bake House refuses to compromise product quality for price. All raw materials are specially selected and many are manufactured strictly to our own specifications. The Malinga Bake House follows both national and international trends and translates its products to be the very best in flavour and taste and continues to give its customers a high quality product, which has been enjoyed by many for decades.

We can’t wait to Serve you! We offer you special breakfast, lunch & dinner. We understand that dining is much more than just the food itself. At The Malinga Bake House Open Concept restaurant (hotel), we seek to provide you with a best dining experience that tantalizes your five senses. You can witness our Specialty Chefs use a wide variety of indigenous spices to cook some of your most favourite dishes. We also pride ourselves on the variety of dishes that we offer, taking you on a culinary journey across the world. For lunch we offer a variety of cuisine from traditional Red rice and Curry to Fried Rice, Yellow rice, Biriyani and Lamprais along with our Special Set Menu. While for dinner we offer Sri Lanka’s all-time favourite dishes: String Hoppers, Hoppers and Kothu along with a variety of Chinese dishes with a Sri Lankan twist to them. 


You should pick us

Our popular and bespoke daily cake and drink services offer unique taste and value. All ingredients are organic and daily hand-picked. Whether it’s a simple hangout with friends, or a birthday party, we all have choices for you.

  • Unique taste and mouth-watering recipes
  • Fresh and healthy ingredients from our trusted suppliers
  • Offer the best price in town
  • Various options for both daily and special occasions

Malinga Dilshan

Co-Founder of Malinga Bake House

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  • Anuradhapura Road, Ullalapola, Mahawa
Contact Info:
  • 0702324283 / 0769810740
Working Hours:
  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Weekend: 11:00 AM - 11:30 PM