Noah Smith

123, Any Street, Any City, Any Country

Professional Summary

Karate Instructor with multiple black belts in two different disciplines with a vast amount of knowledge and experience in karate.Was fully trained by a documented master and have membership in the principal governing bodies of the sport.Possess great instruction abilities for people at all ages and skill levels.

Core Qualifications

Fourth degree and Third Degree Blackbelts
Focused engaging and hands-on instruction
Imparts importance of confrontation avoidance
Gives thorough knowledge of self-defense techniques
Provides clear instruction in kicks blocks hits punches strikes and jabs


Karate Instructor

Kyoto-Su Dojo

Ran own Dojo instructing hundreds of students in the art of Karate
Specialized in Uechi-Ryu and Wado-Ryu karate styles.
Provided instruction for students at all levels beginner to advanced.
Adjusted teaching style dependent on age and skill level.
Achieved full documentation as a master in both disciplines.
Helped students learn fight avoidance techniques.
Focused on karate as a self-defense method.

Karate Instructor

New Cityland Karate Studio

Served as a karate instructor in my Sensei’s school.
Mastered form and instruction methods.
Worked under a fully-documented master.
Taught classes for children just beginning karate instruction.
Encouraged kids to gain self-confidence and body awareness.
Taught principles of quiet observation and listening.


High School Diploma


2004 Third Degree Black belt Wado-Ryu Karate
2005 Fourth Degree
Black belt Ueichi-Ryu Karate
2007 Registration with EKGB and FEKO governing bodies granted


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