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Everything you need to know about listing your hotel on My Life

Listing your Hotel, Apartment, Holiday Home, Guest House, for FREE on

Looking at listing your Hotel, Villa, Resort, Apartment, Holiday Home, Guest House on We’ve place along a listing of answers to the highest queries partners have therefore you'll be able to feel assured beginning your registration, opening your property, and hospitable your guests. Please note that this listing is FREE. We only take a reasonable amount of commission only when on your reservation take place through our website.

  • Commission
  • Your Pricing

How much commission do We pay?

The commission percentage is 15%

What is our commission used for?

The commission you pay goes back into transaction fees, products and services you use, including:

    • Credit card transaction fees
    • Payment gateway transaction fees
    • E commerce software transaction fees
    • 24/7 support through phone and email
    • Promotion of your listing on some platforms including affiliate websites

Are fees included in the price we give?

We do not add anything to your prices. Unlike other platforms that charge guests some other extra fees, the price you give is the price we display on

How do we set our price?

That's totally up to you. Better, you can give us your normal rates. Also, you could display two different rates for the locals and for the foreigners.

  • Your Details
  • House Rules

What kinds of info are needed to arrange our listing?

    • Complete List of your facilities and amenities
    • A good description for your property
    • Correct and full address
    • Some of good photos of your property or at least one good photo

What makes a better listing?

Our listings are designed to grab the attention of potential guests quickly. Start by making sure you’ve selected all the facilities and amenities your property has to offer. If you aren’t correctly displayed you’ll miss out on some business.

It’s also recommended to show guests at least four photos, including one of the bathroom, will give them the right expectations for their stay.

If you’re not sure if something is missing after you’ve filled out and send your registration, take a look at your property reservation page when it displayed. This will tend to quick and easy changes you can make to improve the performance of your property’s booking & reservation page.

What kinds of house rules can I set for our guests?

Currently, there are five categories

    • Pets
    • Children
    • Smoking
    • Quiet hours
    • Parties or events

Normally all guests should respect the rules of the place they stay at, but to make things even more clearer, we can add your house rules on your reservation page description so they will read that and agree to themselves before complete their reservation.

You Have Another Option to Promote Your Hotel

Get Our Membership, here is what you get;

  • Stunning website here on
  • Free Hosting ever
  • FREE website maintenance ever
  • Own contact details
  • Online Room Reservations (No 15% commission, only the 08% transaction fees)
  • No any charges on off-website room reservations

Membership Charges for 05 years

  • Guest House, Villa, Holiday Home (Small) Rs 5,000/=
  • Guest House, Villa, Holiday Home (Normal) Rs 10,000/=
  • Guest House, Villa, Holiday Home (Top Grade) Rs 15,000/=
  • Hotel, Resort, (Normel) Rs 25,000/=


  • Hotel, Resort, Apartment (3-4 star level) Rs 50,000/=
  • Hotel, Resort, Apartment (5 star level) Rs 100,000/=
  • Hotel, Resort, Apartment (7 star level) Rs 250,000/=
  • Top Grade Hotel, Resort, Apartment (7 star level) Rs 500,000/=