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Shape-Up (Herbal Tea)

"Shape Up" contains pure Ceylon tea carefully blended with Goraka (Garcinia Cambogia) and spiced with vanilla. This scientific combination provides fat reduction in the body leading to a dream figure. More

Diabe Tea Classic

Enjoy the sweetness of tea without harming your blood sugar levels. Fadna Diabe Tea Classic is formulated to enjoy the sweet taste without sugar for diabetic patients for maximum satisfaction of a normal tea drink's taste. More

Green Tea with Gotukola

Nature's Way to improve memory power.... Refreshing the busy mind and tired body. The finest blend of Green Tea with Gotukola. "Green Tea" gives us a unique combination with Gotukola, enhancing the taste making it for daily use as a beverage. More

Iramusu (Cooling Tea)

This is a well known blood purifier and a cooling tea in the Ayurveda Medicine. Long term usage ensures good benefits. Modern scientific chemical analysis reveals the presence of the following chemicals in the plant such as Sitestarol, Amyrin, Desinine, Hemidesterol, Salicylic-aldehyde, Leupiyol, Tannin and Saponin1. More

X Tea (Ashwaganda & Walpenela)

Well reputed combination for Aphrodisiac actions. This herbal tea is a blend with pure Ceylon Tea. This combination has been used for strength and vitality in traditional Ayurveda system for a long time. For optimum results use regularly twice a day for 90 days. This tea is also ideal with milk. More

Belimal Tea

Belimal is a well known herb used as herbal tea from ancient times. It has a characteristic fragrance and flavor which induce consumption. Regular usage refreshes the body and alleviate from fatigue. No side effects have been reported with the regular use of this herb. More

Ranawara Tea

Ranawara flowers have been widely used from generation to generation in Sri Lanka. It's a caffeine free natural tea. The Regular consumption of this Herbal Tea ensures benefits in the long term. It has been prepared in easy to use tea bags form. More

Cinnamon Tea

Spicy delight with an aromatic twist.
The best Tea in the world is Ceylon tea, Likewise the best Cinnamon in the world is Ceylon Cinnamon. Fadna Cinnamon Tea is the wonderful combination of these two. With this tantalizing blend we give Sri Lankans the newest Tea taste sensation. This product is an amazing, natural product of Fadna Brand, which always tries to offer natural goodness than the usual tea.

Tummy Tea

Fadna Tummy Tea is based on an exclusively ancient traditional Ayurveda formula which consists of Thirapala, Indian sarsaparilla, Aegle marmelos, Asteracantha longifolia and glycyrrhiza glabra. Chebulinic acid in Terminalia chebula, beta sitosterol in Terminalia belerica, high vitamin C in Phyllanthus emblica, marmelosin in Aegle marmelos, are the major active ingredients in this formula. More

Ginco Tea (Inguru, Coththamalli)

This formula contains ginger, koththamalli and thippili a household remedy reputed as "The Mother's Formula."This combination is a time tested formula used for Common Cold, Viral Fever, Body Pain, Catarrh and General wellness used from generation to generation. This formula possesses preventive and curative properties. Regular use balances 'Three Doshas' (Vatha, Pitta, Kapha) the three bio energies, hence it is considered as an immune enhancer in Ayurveda. More

Karawila Tea

Karawila (Mormodicacharantia) / Bitter Gourd is one of the most promising and useful medicinal plants used as a remedy for diabetes and it is a nutritional vegetable to sustain human health. More


Ezy Tea

Most of the females are suffering from pain due to menstrual period and other menstrual related problems nowadays, because of their bad food habits and their unhealthy life style. As most of you may know there are side effects contributed from the use of pain killers they take, they only do this because of the unbearable, severe pain during the menstruation. So Fadna thought of bringing to you a 100% natural herbal Tea containing a Traditional Ayurvedic recipe to reduce pain and other problems due to menstrual. More