Invitation to receive a monthly income!


Wouldn't it be nice if you could make monthly income with a good business venture?

We're looking for Part Time Sales Coordinators who are willing to work independently. This is a part time job and you could also do it in full time as your wish.

All important details are on this page itself, so read up to the bottom. 

Promote & Sell our membership plans in My Life Business Listing Directory (

We pay you a monthly stipend of 20% of the membership fee paid to us by the members who have obtained those membership plans.

Also, by joining hands with us for this program, you will be able to win Rs ONE HUNDRAD THOUSAND ($500) annually.

The members you register have a chance to win Rs 200,000 (Free member) or Rs 2,000,000 (Paid member) per annum and if that registered member (Any type) of yours gets a chance to win, you too will definitely be eligible for a win of Rs 100,000. (Conditions apply)

If Simply Put,

    1. Promote this program. (Details below)
    2. Let us know once a member is registered.
    3. Receive 20% of monthly payments from paid members.
    4. Win Rs. 100,000 once a year.

That's all...

Note: After joining follows the below-mentioned instruction and start your job. If you have an account already in any plan, you don't need to create a general user account. Use your member ID number for future reference. Any question, call 0773495889 or 0761381110

that you need to make sales related to Business Directory Account







Rs 950

Rs 9,500



Rs 2,850

Rs 28,500



Rs 4,750

Rs 47,500

Rs 95,000




Rs 475,000




Rs 1,900,000

(Free membership you register with can win Rs 200,000 LKR per annum and paid members can win up to Rs 2,000,000 LKR per annum.)

You should be mindful
of the platform
that you choose for this part time job.

You should have

a reasonable idea

about My Life Business Account



What are the main benefits to the members you recruit?

  • Attractive highly customizable special business listings (catalog) page.
  • Ability to include all their products and services in a very attractive way.
  • Ability to link their websites and social media accounts.
  • Ability to add any kind of product or service promotion.
  • Ability to publish any business event.
  • Ability to publish attractive classified ads.
  • Ability to add photo, audio & video albums.
  • Ability to add their job vacancies.
  • Ability to add any kind of freelancing opportunity.
  • Ability to publish any property. (sell, rent or wanted)
  • Ability to list in any location locally or globally or in multiple locations.
  • Ability to add community articles & blog posts.
  • Ability to post Discussion (Forums) posts.
  • Ability to have their webpage analytics and account Statistics.
  • Contact forms and a dedicated chat service to receive customer messages.
  • Ability to get reviews & reply to it
  • Ability to add their branches or multiple employees as sub accounts.

And many more

"Most Probably the Best Listing Site in the World"

As we have to live with the corona epidemic, this introduction (Online presence) is an essential part of keeping our social distance, so you will feel great convenience in sales. You have a lot to say.

recurring commissions

Important Sales Tips

    1. Call all the businesses you know.
    2. Call all the Services you know.
    3. Use Facebook to promote this opportunity buy posting to your wall, to relevant groups & messaging to business friends & to other relevant business pages.
    4. Use IMO, Viber, Telegram & WhatsApp business contacts.
    5. Call to the business numbers visible on news paper ads. (Only if you're good for this)
    6. Do not do any spamming post, message or a call.
    7. Do not do this over and over again when sending messages to Facebook business pages. Put a reasonable amount of time between two messages. Otherwise your sending of messages will be temporarily blocked.
    8. Please do remember that your promoting website is for this program.
    9. Let us know when you got a member and then we could registered him or business under you. (Keep separate records of all these matters.)

Important Facts

    1. 20% commission on any kind of membership fee.
    2. You could earn a monthly recurring, yearly recurring, and/or one time commission according to the membership level.
    3. Any business or individual registered under you is always belongs to you forever.
    4. You will earn lifetime commissions.
    5. When a member upgrades to an another membership level you could earn the commission from that level.

Important Points

    1. A free (BRONZE) level member is also a very much important to your team.
    2. Every free level member is a potential paid level member.
    3. So, get registered even free members as much as you can.
    4. Your previous month's commission total will be paid on the 15th of the every next month.
    5. Working hard in the beginning will make the future better.
    6. Do not force anyone to get a paid membership in the beginning. Be tricky.

Online Sales Tips

  • Join our affiliate program here on CLICK HERE
    1. Login to your affiliate account
    2. On the Dashboard, click on "Get referral link for specific product"
    3. Copy this link
    4. Paste it in the "Product link" box & click green color "Generate" button on the pop-up.
    5. NOW, you can see a long affiliate URL appearing in the bellow box.
    6. And, then click on the "Get shortened link" just bellow.
    7. That's the URL you can give your referrals to put an order for the related membership plan they selected on even if it's a Free (Bronze) level. (Ask them to complete the order even it's a zero order. Then our system is automatically identified you as the referrer)
    8. When you do this only once for a particular referrer, that person or business will be registered under you for lifetime.
  • Use that shortened referral link for the online contacts

A Simple Math


When you have 100 paid members,

Suppose it is 50 SILVER and 50 GOLD.

  • Rs 950 x 50 = Rs 47,500
  • Rs 2,850 x 50 = Rs 142,500
  • Full Total = Rs 190,000
  • The commission you receive (20%) = Rs 38,000 (monthly)


Think about it, you get this money every month even though you no longer work, do you?


So, what if this program further informs to others?


Also, don't forget that with the increase in free or paid members, your chances of winning Rs 100,000 is increasing.

(This means that your annual chance of winning rupees one lak (100,000) will increase by one chance per member for every free or paid membership. The rupees one hundred thousand win you get does not change whether your member is a paid member or a free member.)

Ad copies

You can use the ad copies below in a variety of ways.

    • To a post on Facebook or elsewhere.
    • Especially to send messages to business pages on Facebook. (It is important to address them as Hello [page name] first. Then copy & paste the ad copy below. Otherwise, manipulate the words in any way you like and type in a nice, interesting line of words.)
    • Can be used in platforms like IMO, WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram, etc.
    • Go to the Sinhala page for copies of the Sinhala ads. Click Here

We manage the website, MY LIFE, and new prospects searching for business professionals are contacting us through our website. However, we need more businesses in our database to match these prospects with.

I found your company online and thought that you would be a good match. I think we would be able to send a lot of prospects your way.

Are you currently accepting new clients? We are attracting visitors from your surrounding area and need qualified businesses to refer these people to.

It is free to add your company to our website and I think you would be a wonderful addition to our resource. Please take a moment to review our website and determine if you would like to be listed.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you. Thanks!

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