River's Edge Ambalangoda BBQ Evening - Online Reservation River's Edge Ambalangoda BBQ Evening - Online Reservation
Rs 750.00
Spend the weekend evenings with your family & friends @River's Edge, Madampe, Ambalangoda with Pool facility, Unlimited Dinner, and Unlimited BBQ for an unbelievable price. We...
Tianshi Cell Rejuvenation Capsules (CHN)-Engineering
Rs 7,700.00
Cell Rejuvenation Capsules Ikan combines gynostemma - a Far Eastern "longevity herb" with carrot - popular around the world. This extraordinary combination provides a number...
Tianshi Chitosan Capsules
Rs 6,000.00
Biologically Active Supplements. Chitosan Capsules.  Product Code: A12.Tiens Chitosan is a formula that effectively supports slimming diet. Contents: 100 Capsule × 0.25 g.Made in: Accordance with...
Tianshi Cordyceps Capsules Bottle
Rs 6,800.00
The traditional and modern application of Cordyceps Includes: bronchial asthma, insomnia, anxiety, adrenal hypofunction, hypertension, impotence, and bacterial infection. Code: TIENTCCB Vendor:- Tiens
Tianshi Grape Extract Capsules
Rs 7,700.00
Tianshi Vigour Rousing is a natural plan bioflavonoid that strengthens and protects living tissues. Vigour Rousing is a powerful natural grape plant extract that eliminates...
Tianshi Nutrient Super Calcium Powder
Rs 3,500.00
TIENS Nutrient Calcium Powder offers a balanced combination of calcium and vitamins A and D which can contribute to supporting healthy bone metabolism. Calcium contributes...
Tiens Date Concentrate Juice
Rs 9,900.00
According to Chinese medicine, the daily consumption of a few jínjoles ensures long life. Its beneficial effects on the human body were discovered in ancient...
Tiens Fruit Sugar 10ml*6pocket*5box B1 Version - Syrup
Rs 1,700.00
Contents: Box of 6 sachets, each sachet with 10 ml of liquid. In traditional Chinese medicine, a great deal of attention is paid to the...
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