Tiens Accupoint Treasure TQ - Z05 - Tiens - mylife-sa.myshopify.com
Rs 49,400.00
This product according to the principle of Chinese ancient Chinese medicine acupuncture, scraping and plum blossom needle, combined with the digitalfrequency pulse, the use of...
Health Pillow TQ-Z16 - Tiens - mylife-sa.myshopify.com
Rs 12,300.00
Rs 12,300.00
Health Pillow TQ-Z16 Code: TIENHPTZ Vendor:- Tiens
Dicho Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner - TQ - Z08 - Tiens - mylife-sa.myshopify.com
Rs 37,000.00
Dicho Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner - TQ - Z08 Code: TIENDFVCTZ Vendor:- Tiens
Tiens Source of Health Hyper-H Health Cup - Tiens - mylife-sa.myshopify.com
Rs 49,300.00
Tiens Source of Health Hyper-H Health Cup, equipped with a microcomputer intelligent MCU control chip, amplifies the electric circuit and the electrolytic mesh of titanium-white...
Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus Massager TQ-Z06 - Tiens - mylife-sa.myshopify.com
Rs 29,560.00
Designed as an intelligent single-chip microcomputer, TIENS Multifunctional Head Care Apparatus can balance our wellbeing, by adjusting the body's bioelectric activity to ... The function...
Multi-Function Fridge Purifier TQ-Z12 - Tiens - mylife-sa.myshopify.com
Rs 12,300.00
Tiens Multi-function Fridge Purifier is a modern, small, portable and easy to operate device which integrates the principles of biotechnology, electronics and mechanics together, adopting...
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