Senani Balasooriya
11:39 Saturday.22 May 2021

Wow, this is a very good & timely service.
I will not hesitate to get your service when I feel I need it.
Wish you all the best DESHANEE!

Manjula Senewiratne
14:10 Wednesday.03 March 2021

This is an EXCELLENT service.
Good Luck!

Deshanee Consultancy Service
17:00 Thursday.04 February 2021

Hi Sharmila, Sorry about your situation.
So, you have to do is that go to the option “Telephone Consulting” or “Initial Consulting Visit” as shown on the above ad itself.
Hope we can give you a suitable solution.

Sharmila Fernando
10:17 Thursday.04 February 2021

Actually, I have a showroom in Balangoda. I am having lots of difficulties running my business due to this corona situation. Can you help me with this matter?